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Statement of Faith

I believe The Bible is the inspired Word of a fair and just God. It is sufficient to help guide mankind through any experience of life and the world and all mankind will ultimately be judged by Him for deeds they have done, and those man has left undone.

I believe that Jesus is the Christ for several reasons. 1) Since I've found the Word of God true then it stands to reason that Jesus must be His Son. 2) I've seen the power a personal relationship with Jesus has had in so many lives, including my own life. 3) In none other than Jesus alone have the over 340 Old Testament prophecies been fulfilled.

Consequently, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was crucified for the sins of the world and God raised Him from the dead three days later. 4) I believe salvation is in none other than Jesus, Himself, because He told us "He is the way." I believe Jesus provides salvation and leadership for all mankind and it is ours just for asking. Not lip-service, but true repentance, feeling it in our heart and allowing God to change our lives to His glory.

I believe that Jesus is coming again, but until He does we should be diligent in being faithful to our specific calling until He does come and takes full control of the entire universe as the King of Kings. The decision as to where each individual spends eternity is a decision made by every person on earth as a personal and individual decision based on their honest profession of faith in Jesus and asking forgiveness of their admitted sins.

I believe that each Christian should follow the Lord fully and should seek Him and receive from Him as much knowledge and infillings of the Holy Spirit as possible and should be an example of Christian behavior.

in His service,

Doug Anderson

August 1st, 2010