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Suggested Topics

Feel free to chose from any of these current news-making topics or simply ask him to share the congregation-favorite: his personal testimony and call-to-action message.

Mr. Anderson is also available to provide good, clean, wholesome entertainment for your other events, too! Give Doug a call today to discuss the possibilities and opportunities to share him with your friends, co-workers and congregation. He can be reached by calling 918.786.3318 or emailing him @: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why You Should Attend Church
Church is a place to worship, fellowship and learn. People have stopped attending. Why? Visual Evangelist Doug Anderson shares some thought-provoking stories and anecdotes that your congregation can share with others when inviting them back to worship.

Proving the Bible True
How do we know the Bible is true? Are there sources outside the Word of God that give credence to its authencity and authority? Visual Evangelist Doug Anderson shares his research that helps your congregation point others to the right path with confidence and avoiding the 'circular-logic' ploy.

Proving Jesus is the Christ
You know there have been a lot of pretenders to the throne. Only in Jesus are the prophecies fullfilled. Visual Evangelist Doug Anderson reminds your congregation of other historical figures that have seen and understood His divine authority, as well providing as examples within and without the Holy Bible.

Defining Deviancy Down
The phrase was coined by the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan to explain how our society has fallen. Visual Evangelist Doug Anderson explains what this means to America, shows how far we have fallen as a society and gives solid foundation reasons for Christians to stand up and say "Enough!"

The Coming Battle
When a soldier is found to be asleep on duty, he understandably gets punished because lives are at stake. When Christians don't realize the war raging for the spiritual minds of our nation's citizens, the survival of our nation is at stake. Visual Evangelist Doug Anderson emphasises the need to join the battle in the sermon that is a sort of "call to arms."

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